About Us

OCS Rust-X specializes in providing the highest quality corrosion prevention products and services to the offshore industry. We will guide operators through all phases of preservation from planning to implementation to re-commissioning as required. Our products and services also benefit partially preserved and active rigs.

Our teams will discuss your situation, audit your asset, and advise on the best path forward offering the latest in corrosion prevention technology for a vessel at any stage of life. OCS Rust-X is a one stop solution for the best products and expertise available.

OCS Rust-X is represented through its offices, warehouses and production facilities on six continents.

OCS Rust-X is committed to the delivery of the highest quality products and services while meeting the highest safety standards. Our products are REACH approved, RoHS compliant and we are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified. It is our mission to deliver the highest quality products, training, supervision and support services to ensure your preservation process is professionally managed.

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