OCS RUST-X utilises various techniques to lay up the equipment to prevent further detriroration of the assets depending upon the time and type of stacking required. Our corrosion inhibitors include Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI’s), Contact Corrosion Inhibitiors (CCI’s), Rust Preventive Additives (RPA’s), Desiccants for Dehumidifcation and VCI Anti Corrosion packaging.

The preservation can be designed for upto two years with an action plan for continuous audits on monthly, quarterly and annual basis to make sure the equipment can be re-started when required within the shortest time span and minimal effort.

The preservation is undertaken by a professional team with in depth knowledge of each and every part of the rig along with work instructions. A lot of the solutions will be custom designed to give the required life without any further deteriorations as well as attempt to recover the already corroded surfaces or equipment.

PROJECT STACK - Software for Preservation & Stacking

The preservation and stacking of drilling units and offshore facilities is a tedious task made simple using our proprietary softwares developed extensively for an easy management of the stacking process and faster reactivation possibilities when required.

When combined with our exhaustive planning and software package (Project Stack), OCS RUST-X delivers the complete package.

While stacking is a huge task, it is a relatively simple process. However, one of the biggest challenges for clients is the reactivation process. This is where OCS excels, with well over 100 projects in rig commissioning and multiple reactivations.

OCS stacking solution has an enormous advantage with our commissioning and project management software, which has been optimized to include preservation procedures and tracking management of the stacking process. When reactivation occurs, a full reactivation and commissioning package is ready with all mechanical completions included and commissioning procedures only needing to be tailored to suit the asset as all equipment is accounted for. This process can save your company a tremendous amount of time in the reactivation planning and the exhaustive process of re-commissioning all equipment.

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