VCI Grease 458

Product Description

VCI Grease 2 is a soft white viscous NLGI 2 Lithium based Extreme Pressure grease which can be applied with a brush. The compound is highly active against corrosion in saline, acidic, humid and corrosive environments.

The VCI Grease molecules are highly hydrophobic and do not allow moisture or water to permeate through the layer protecting the metal from corrosion. The property of high alkalinity reserve allows for a heavy buffer against acidic fumes.

This can be used to lubricate and protect bearings, couplings, structures, chemical plants and equipment that are intended for outdoor storage or are located in open areas and need protection. These can also be used to protect unpacked refinery equipment, oil pipeline equipment and valves, off shore refinery parts which are not painted or coated and require protection or during the storage while commissioning, for lay-up during shut downs and also on heat exchangers, windmills and automotives. Due to a higher drop point the VCI Grease 2 can be used on the chemical plant and equipment which operates at elevated temperatures.

  • Easy to apply by brush or hand.
  • Provides long term protection in the open environment.
  • Highly hydrophobic.
  • Resistant to melting at up to 2300C so can be used even in process equipment where high temperatures are involved.
  • Protects parts for up to 2 years in open environment and up to 5 years indoors
  • Self-lubricating
  • Can also be used on threads and prevents water penetration and thread locking.

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