VCI Jelly 494

Product Description

RUST-X VCI Jelly is a viscous gel, which can be applied with a brush. The compound is highly active against corrosion under the most damaging environmental conditions and provides long-term corrosion protection to the parts on which it is applied. The liquid is transparent upon application and does not darken the parts.

The VCI Liquid Jelly remains liquid even after years of application. This therefore does not cause any dimensional changes on the part. The VCI Liquid Jelly is compatible with Engine, Hydraulic and Transmission fluids and does not need to be removed when the parts on which it is applied have to be assembled for Gear Boxes or Engines.

The Film is Self-Healing which means that in an event of a scratch the fluid from the sides flows to rebuild the film over time. The VCI Liquid Jelly is tacky and stays on the surface and is not easily removed by handling and re-handling.

  • Easy to use by brush or hand application.
  • Transparent upon application.
  • Liquid displaceable film, which does not dry and hence does not cause physical change in part dimensions.
  • Protects parts for up to 5 years in packed condition in open areas and up to 10 years indoors.
  • Highly hydrophobic and water displacing.
  • High Alkalinity Reserve.
  • Self-healing & self-lubricating.
  • Does not affect paint or coatings.
  • Can also be used in threaded areas and prevents water penetration and thread locking.

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