VCI Tectonic 506

Product Description
RUST-X TECTONIC is a brownish black liquid which can be applied with a brush or can be applied by dipping. The liquid forms a black protective layer which can be degreased with solvents.

Tectonic Quick Dry dries very quickly after application and forms a non scratch-able film after 1-2 minutes of application.

TECTONIC molecules are highly hydrophobic and retard the moisture or water permeation through the layer formed. TECTONIC is highly active against acidic fumes and provides excellent corrosion protection in the acidic environments such as pickling areas or sea humidity.

This can be used to protect structures, chemical plants and equipment that is intended for outdoor storage or is located in open areas. It can also be coated on automotive components which require high level of protection such as under bodies, gears, axles, transmissions etc. This can be used to coat structures and equipment which are placed in open areas, undergo rough handling, unpacked refinery equipment, oil pipeline equipment and parts, off shore refineries, heat exchangers, windmill parts and other process equipment and parts.

  • Easy to use by brush or dipping.
  • Provides long term protection in the open environment.
  • Highly hydrophobic.
  • Resistant to melting at up to 80C & can be used even in process equipment where high temperatures are involved.
  • Protects parts for up to 2 years in open environment and up to 5 years indoors.

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